Blood test interpretation with help of naturopathy and functional medicine

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Imagine that you feel bad, have pain, don’t have enough energy, but your blood test is "normal", all markers are within their ranges. Does it sound familiar? Have you made it up in your head? Of course not, it’s more than real. Unfortunately many people have to live in such reality till their blood markers would be worsened to pathological levels, when serious diseases would already take place, and longer or sometimes invasive treatments needed. Why things like that happen and how to prevent it? Read below.
  • Why I feel terrible when the blood work is normal?
    The problem lies in laboratory reference ranges that usually set up for pathologies. That means you would feel really bad far before the regular blood work points at a problem. If it is not enough there are different ranges in different labs that doesn’t help at all and adds havoc. Find an example in the next question.
  • Are there really different reference ranges in different laboratories?
    Unfortunately it is a fact. Each lab sets it’s own reference ranges that means you would have a deficiency in one lab and completely normal in another across the road. In other words your health sometimes depends on a chosen lab. Read more in the next section.
  • How do I know what reference ranges are correct?
    Special knowledge is needed here. This is exactly what a Functional Medicine specialist is for, that interprets blood test results based on knoweledge of many years of international scientific researches. That would help you to find out the very reasons of health issues, to fix them using professional natural supplements and to prevent health problems in the future.
  • Might be in my case a more complicated test like DNA test is needed?
    Maybe yes. However it is wise to start with more common and cheap blood test that with the correct interpretation would provide a vast of extremely important information. In many cases this test could be more than enough for identifying a problem and finding out ways to fix it.
  • What markers are needed for the blood test?
    It is quite big but could be very informative in regard of understanding internal processes, deficiencies and more. The list of markers you can find here.

Blood test interpretation


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